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Hello, and welcome to Colorado De Jure, the home of the Colorado Assembly. The Colorado Assembly is working in cooperation with the Michigan Assembly and the National Assembly, in order to form a lawful self governing body, which was originally designed for the united States of America.

The purpose of this site is to help proliferate the information based upon actual historical precedence, which offers to assist anyone to learn what the current state of our country is, how it got here, and the history involved. Much of this information is not taught in schools, as it is very damaging to the current power structure. However, it stands as both readily provable and documented fact.

Have you ever gotten the impression that our government isn’t exactly what we thought it was…….a government By and For the People? Does it feel like the government serves you? Most people have a nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right, and that’s because it is far from being right. Please, take some time and explore this material, and feel free to ask us questions on our contact page.